About Us

After injecting thousands of lips, you start to get an idea of what lip filler patients actually need.

Turns out they want to show off their new, plump, natural-looking lips, and skim through recovery as fast as possible. We find that our patients report faster healing from bruising and swelling after lip injections or semi-permanent make-up.

Dr. Carissa Alinat initiated the project. Michelle Klepacki created the secret formula to make it happen beautifully. The result? A bite-sized, perfectly scented lip balm to soothe, calm and moisten your newly injected or tattooed lips.

More than just pretty faces

Carissa Alinat, PhD, MSN, APRN

A nationally-recognized aesthetic injector, trainer, and co-owner of Living Young Centers.

Carissa Alinat was awarded as one of the TOP 100 Best Aesthetic Injectors in America® (2022, 2023 & 2024).

Carissa's clinical experience as well as research background, has led her to develop VitaLips along with co-founder, Michelle Klepacki.

Michelle Klepacki

A product developer of many things. Michelle has worked as a product manager for Cuisinart, developed her own body care line and is the co-creator of VitaLips®.